Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Oh blog, how I neglect-eth you at times.

Well, its a ripe time of year for you, because it's finals time, of course. Given that I don't fail anything, I have a BA in like three weeks.

When did that happen? And did I miss it? Who'd have thought, three years of uni would result in something. Then I've just got to go grab my DipEd next year, and my uni career is at an end.

You've got to love it - three years of a BA and I'm not sure exactly what that qualifies me for. One year of a DipEd and I'm a fully qualified teacher. Woohoo.

U2 on Monday!! That rocks my freaking socks.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Wouldn't it be fun if people had trunks like elephants? It'd make us look much more interesting. It'd be even more versatile if every second baby born had one. We always complain about the need for an extra arm, so a trunk could semi-serve that function.

But, of course, if you got a blocked trunk, thats a heck of a lot more room for snot to get clogged in, so imagine the amount of tissues you'd need.

Essay season sends me around the bend.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

My kangaroo dreaming ties me back to the land - Douglas Abbott

That's such a cool description.

Monday, October 09, 2006

O summer, where art thou?

Not so much the warmth thing, that's already kicking in. I mean the freedom! No more stupid uni essays, stupid stupid stupid...or at least bring back the good old days of first and second year, when they never wanted anything longet than 2000 words. Now its 3, 3 and a half, 4 thousand....poo bums. Perhaps I should use wing dings? A picture paints a thousand words, so I'd only have to use 4 symbols.


Thursday, October 05, 2006

I wonder how much people actually use clogs in Holland. Have they just become a redundant form of decoration, something that was once in use but is now just something you display and point at in an attempt to grasp at a disappearing culture?

I'll have to ask my sister for her insights into this crucial topic, as she gets home tomorrow, and was in Amsterdam a few days ago. I also have no idea what Amsterdam has, beyond a red light district. I doubt the entire city is built on prostitution.

Perhaps also clogs?

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Seeing all my students freak out and/or do nothing in preparation for their HSC makes me remember the good ol' school days....and just how many years I've been out of school now. I'm a Grandma. I shall die soon.

Seeing all my students freak out and/or do nothing in preparation for their HSC makes me remember the good ol' school days....and just how many years I've been out of school now. I'm a Grandma. I shall die soon.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Re-reading my post about Stump two years ago, I'm sad we didn't do the commando course this year. We, or at least I, didn't do it last year either. Man it was fun. It reminded me of my physical un-fitness, though the mud fight at the end was just splendid. The mud smelt truly foul. Second only to the smell of the mud from the bottom of Shongweni Dam in KZN, South Africa. Three showers later and I still smelt like that mud fight.

A new song by Paris Hilton is playing on the radio in the background. Dude, seriously.

Stump was a mixed experience this year. I wish I'd gone to a few more organised things, like a bible study or two, but I had such irregular shifts at the Oaktree stall, that was hard to orchestrate. But I had fun, trekking down with Louise and Chez Sat morning, we didn't get lost once! Go us!

I did a stint of African dancing, which turned into a collective dust storm in the village, and I reunited myself with the drums in the free for all music sessions in One World. Seeing a piece I wrote a year ago performed reminded me how much art evolves, because I'd write something completely different on the topic matter now.

It was fun dancing to Indie bands, worship bands, metal bands, rock bands, outback hippie bands, and hanging with some of the youth group girls. So many of them are finishing year 12, I need to stop calling them 'my youth group girls,' and transition to 'my friends,' but they're all champs, so I can handle that.

It was good to see some of the soul guys again, and to hear Mike's desert talk for about the seventh time.

God's alive and well, which is always nice.

Stump was a time lacking in sleep and cleanliness, but not at all in awesome people. Our little corner of the world in campsite 3 was a great place to be for a few days.

I've decided things like fear really suck, as well as being too comfortable. If things get in the way of us challenging ourselves, from experiences the gut wrenching lows, dizzying heights, victories and disappointments that life inevitable serves up, something's seriously missing. I lose passion when I'm in my comfort zone and try to keep my life stable. Sure, it numbs some of the pain of the bad things life, but also seriously limits the good.